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We have the capability of designing & building most all lab equipment you may need, be it customized storage, worktables, workstations, lab sinks, mobile tool chests, process equipment, wash-ware fixtures, fixed or mobile cabinets, benches, advanced wall systems, protective features, wire shelving, sealed wall cabinets, and even the faucets and clamps. If you’ve any unmet needs that no one can handle, they will take care of it. We develop industry leading solutions for any problems and assure you of on time and flexibility manufacturing. With a focus on recycling, more than 70% of their stainless steel tops are made of recycled electro-static remelted materials.



  • Stands

  • Tables

  • Shelving

  • Glove Boxes

  • Modular Equip for Mobile Labs
    and other

Pharmaceutical Labs
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Counters & Work Stations
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